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Breeders: abbasso il digitale

Nine years after the escape of Last Splash and the world-wide happened one of Cannonball, were in little to hope in a return of the Breeders, the group founded from Kim Deal, former bassista of the Pixies, with to the twin sister Kelley. The judicial troubles of this last one, legacies to the possession of drugs, and the continuous changes of organic had up to now prevented the escape of the third album of band the American but the musician of Boston has held hard and today Title TK marks the return in track of the group from founded she in 1990.

It is the same Kim Deal, on turns and made thirsty of beer, with to the new bassista Mando Lopez (the two are with in the photo), to speak us about the new album and its unconditioned love for the analogic equipment. Cliccando on the questions is possible to watch the version video of the interview.

From who the group is composed currently?

Kim Deal: "Today the Breeders we are and my Kelley sister with to the three new members of the band: Richard Presley to the guitar, I on drums send Lopez to the bottom and Jose Medeles ".

How it has happened the encounter between old and the new members of the group?

Kim Deal: "In 1999 I have recorded the first three songs of Title TK with to Steve Albinos. I was satisfied of the result but I still did not have one band. Then I have decided to write some other song, to try some other drug and drink an other po' of beer. When, in March of 2000, I had by now stopped to try other musicians, I have met Mando and Richard ". I send Lopez: "We played in the Fear, a punk band of Los Angeles and have met Kim in a bar of New York. From that encounter he is been born our collaboration and our successive entrance in the Breeders ".

What means "Title TK", the title it of your new album?

Kim Deal: "In the United States the journalists use the term Title TK when they speak about a album that must still exit and about which still does not know the title it. When I was working to the new disc I had a cartellina with written Title TK and have begun to make feint that that one was the true one tito it. The thing has become more and more amusing and to the end we have decided to use that title indeed it. It is a title massive it, I would see it well on the belt of the maximum weight ".

Your new songs have been realized using exclusively analogic equipment. You can explain the reason to us of this choice?

Kim Deal: "the digital sound them in truth does not exist. Tried to insert the wrist pin of the bottom in a computer, does not work. Using the digitalis them the dimension of the time gets lost: us it cannot be interfacciare with a computer because the computer in truth, ago only the copy of a sound. It is what it has happened to Clyde Stubblefield, the drummer of James Brown. Some its you leave of battery have been used from the Nwa for they brano and then Madonna has made the same one with the sampling of Stubblefield contained in that brano. Personally I would prefer to play like that drummer rather than to use its music thanks to the digital technology them ".

It gives to annoyance the fact to you that your music can free of charge be unloaded from Internet?

Kim Deal: "Not Task that to unload music from Internet is a po' like recording it from the radio. When we listen a beautiful song we want to introduce it also our friends. Obviously the things change when there are persons whom they buy of the cd vergini, record us of music and then rivendono them. This is illegal ". I send Lopez: "On Internet many rarities are found also, moreover the Net are much profit in order to trace the songs that us piacciono but of which we do not know the title exact it. We often make it ".

Will pass to others nine years before being able to listen to a your new album?

Kim Deal: "Not, stavolta I have informed the other members of the band: they are enters to you in something of similar to the Mafia and I will kill anyone I want to leave the group ". (maurizio zoja)

The salute, in Spanish, of Kim Deal and Mando Lopez


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