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tab by Sven Magnus

                                I Bleed
    OK, this song is DEAD SIMPLE (like most Pixies songs). Unless you can't slide
    very good, anyone should be able to play this. If you're a beginner and you're
    having problems with the slide-part, then just replace pattern 1 and 2 by 3
    and 4. They should sound alike, but without the slide. Unless your bass isn't
    tuned properly...
    These are the patterns. Look at the bottom of the file for the order...
    Patten 1:
       G            D
    Pattern 2:
       G            C
    Pattern 3: The same as riff 1, but without slide. The D is played on the
               A-string, because it's easier that way.
       G            D
    Pattern 4: Same as pattern 2, but without slide.
       G            C
    First, you have to play a combination of pattern 1 and 2. First one, then two
    off course. Play it 2 times solo, two times with guitars, then three times
    more with lyrics:
            As loud as hell
            A ringing bell
            Behind my smile
            It shakes my teeth
            And all the while
            As vampires feed
    Now it's the chorus. Play pattern one three times, the lyrics being:
            I ble-he-heed
    (I don't know if there's a slide going on here. If you think not, play riff
    three instead of one!)
    Now, it's back to the riff 1-2 combination. Play it twice without lyrics, and
    then again 3 times with this:
            Pretty, my dear,
            Why are we here
            Nobody knows
            We go to sleep
            As breathing flows
            My mind secedes
    Play the chorus again, riff 1, but this time six times.
    Now play a riff 3-4 combination. Play it twice, without lyrics.
    Next up, play pattern 1 three times without any lyrics.
    Back to the 1-2 combination. Play it four times, with these lyrics:
            There's a place
            In the buried west
            In a cave
            With a house in it
            In the clay
            The holes of hands
            You can place
            A hand in hand
    Now play riff 1 three times again, with the "I bleed" part. After the thirth
    time, keep playing the last note (D, 10th fret E-string) a few times. Listen
    to the record!
    Maybe the order isn't clear yet, so this is the full song:
    1-2 combo x 7
    Pattern 1 x 3
    1-2 combo x 5
    Pattern 1 x 6
    3-4 combo x 2
    Pattern 1 x 3
    1-2 combo x 4
    Pattern 1 x 3